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JED-AIRE Aviation is a 24 hour 7 days a week shop that has the ability to help the aircraft owner with pick-up or delivery options. A crew car is available for the customer that likes to stay and work alongside myself as I maintain your plane. JED-AIRE Aviation is located at the Benson Municipal Airport. It is located 2 miles northwest of Benson and has IFR approaches into its runway.

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In March 2006, I decided to become a businessman and I opened my own Aircraft Maintenance Facility. Obtaining my Aircraft mechanics Certificate in 1991 and my Inspectors Certificate in 2001, I have held many jobs and had many experiences with different types of planes. My personal relationships with many different aircraft owners opened my options to perform maintenance on many different types of aircraft.

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JED-AIRE Aviation, LLC is operated by myself (Jason), my wife Jill, and our four kids. Our focus is to provide a safe, efficient, and knowledgeable business maintaining aircraft and the needs of our owners.

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JED-AIRE Aviation

340 20th Street NW, Benson, MN 56215, US

Shop: (320) 843-4461
Cell: (320) 760-9210


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